Heavy Duty Gear head fabricated from rolled steel sections is mounted on top the columns. The drive is through V - Belts from high torque A.C. Elec. Motor via flywheel and reduction - gear to the lifter - shaft. Friction lifting system is fitted to lifter shaft which runs on double ball bearing and one central phosphorous Bronze bearing which also serves as support to lifter shaft. The Friction lifter consists of constantly rotating drum and brake lined steel band. This band is anchored at one end stud in lifter drum and other and is carried by camshaft running through lifter drum which is actuated by lever. The lever is operated with the help of pulling cord tied to lever at one end and goes to operating point by passing through capstan bush attached to lifter shaft. When the cord is pulled it tightens on the rotating capstan bush which operate the lever resulting in tightening of brake around the breke drum with the help of camshaft.

At this stage lifter drum is rotated and tup is lifted with the help of nylon belt Provided. On release of cord the spring loaded arrangement helps free fall of tup by disengaging friction band immediately from the friction drum. The spring loaded buffer works as a stopper from lifting drum in its rest position. Positive water colling arrangement is provided to the friction drum to prevent excessive heating.
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